Win the Shelf: Making the Case for Space

The rules of retail have changed for CPG companies intent on increasing product distribution. Retailers’ expectations have never been higher, competition more intense or consumer demand more dynamic.

As CPGs build new item and assortment plans, they must leverage advanced technologies, new analytics, and unprecedented shopper insights. Doing so gives retailers increased confidence that merchandising decisions have the highest probability of increasing sales and profits because they are backed by data science.

To understand how market leaders are winning the shelf with today’s most demanding retailers, join retail technology veterans Cheryl Sullivan, Chief Product Officer and GM of Retail & CPG, and Withiel Cole, Head of Data Science, with SymphonyAI – Retail/CPG, to explore:

The new expectations of data driven grocers.

  • How advances in data science support provable claims to expand distribution.
  • The role of strategic scenario planning and analysis of demand transference, inventory optimization and space incrementality.
  • Why grocery-first AI solutions give CPGs a sell-in/sell through advantage.
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Cheryl Sullivan

GM & Chief Product Officer, SymphonyAI – Retail/CPG

Cheryl leads product strategy and marketing for SymphonyAI – Retail/CPG. With over 25 years of experience in Retail and FMCG industry, she has a proven track record of business innovation to solve problems and modernize processes. Before joining, Cheryl was President & General Manager for DemandTec and the Chief Strategy & Marketing officer for Revionics. Previously, Cheryl had senior leadership roles at Oracle Retail, Spectra Marketing, i2, Intactix, Nielsen, ems, and Miller Brewing.


Withiel Headshot

Withiel Cole

Head of Data Science (CCR), SymphonyAI – Retail/CPG

Withiel has worked in retail analytics and data science for more than 20 years. He brings this experience to designing solutions across marketing levers utilising the power of customer and sales data. Withiel has responsibility for developing data science solutions across a range of our products including Category Planning, Personalised Marketing and the CINDE CMS Platform



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