2021 Spark matrix:

Symphony RetailAI named Technology Leader for Omnichannel Order Management Systems


Global retailers have well understood the importance of embracing omnichannel strategies to succeed in a highly competitive environment with ever-increasing expectations around customer experience. Traditional OMS and ERP systems are not designed to support complex order processing, management, fulfillment, and return scenarios across a diverse network of sales and fulfillment channels.

Learn how Symphony RetailAI has secured its status as a leader in technology excellence and customer impact in the 2021 SPARK Matrix of the global omnichannel order management systems from Quadrant Knowledge Solutions. As well as industry statistics, this report covers how Symphony RetailAI is meeting market needs by providing:

  • Enterprise inventory visibility to manage orders across multiple sales channels from a single system and ensure availability across the supply chain
  • Robust distributed order management capabilities enabling automated processing of a large number and variety of orders in an omnichannel environment
  • Omnichannel fulfilment with real-time visibility of demand and availability, enabling retailers to prioritize order fulfilment across vendors, stores and online


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