Striking a Balance Between Price
 and Quality:  

Study reveals new shopper insights and implications for promotion and price investments.

As inflation continues to rise around the world, all eyes are on consumers.  Will they substitute their favorite items for cheaper alternatives?  Will they stop buying certain categories entirely?

Not having the right key items - for both value and quality - can result in 3% to 5% loss of sales.  Symphony RetailAI's latest research analyzed 2.2 billion global grocery baskets to extract the latest shopper research, and provide retailer and CPG insights to achieve better ROI and increased shopper loyalty.

View this report to gain actionable, data-driven insights:

  • Identify which customers are driving your performance
  • Understand how price and quality motivates your customers
  • Leverage data and identify growth opportunity areas
  • Gain 5 ways to stay ahead of the constantly changing customer landscape


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