Today’s retail supply chain is being reinvented. The complexities of providing goods to customers paired with the evolution of grocery retail into a destination experience for shoppers means supply chain efficiency is more critical than ever. We commissioned the Supply Chain Survey with EIQ Research to better understand the challenges faced by retailers in planning and executing their supply chain and demand forecasting programs. While the research centers on the findings of 50+ leading US retailers (grocery, discount, drug, and DIY over US$300m), many of the core findings are representative of the challenges faced by retailers globally.

What we discovered is that disparate, disconnected systems, poor demand forecasting accuracy, and the inability of current technologies to support business growth are some of the key challenges that high-volume retailers face today. Survey results also highlight that many retailers believe artificial intelligence can help overcome these challenges, with 1 in 4 actively seeking development of an AI-enabled platform to unify and strengthen the end-to-end supply chain.

We are pleased to be able to offer exclusive access to these findings and would be delighted to hear your thoughts also as we continue to develop and infuse our supply chain management solutions with artificial intelligence to ensure you are equipped to create the best experience possible for your customers now and in the future.

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What did 50+ US retailers share with us?


43% of supply chain professionals rank the slow pace of innovation as one of their top three business pressures


50% of all respondents identified demand management as one of the top 3 areas for AI in the next five years


48% of retailers, though confident with allocation and inventory planning, rate their forecasting technology as average to very poor