The Retail Innovation Imperative:

From grocery to drug, hardgoods to general merchandise, how are retailers responding?

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Consumers are driving fundamental, disruptive change in the entire retail industry, resulting from the widespread adoption of “smart” (and usually mobile) personal technology to begin their paths-to purchase in the digital selling environment. Until 2007, when the iPhone gave consumers a power that changed the entire world, retailers often viewed technology as a necessary evil. All of that
has changed. Now, retailers must use technology to remain relevant to today’s shopper. Retail is now
face-to-face with The Innovation Imperative

This special extract by industry analysts RSR Research explains why a transformation is long overdue for many FMCG retailers (grocery, drug and convenience) as well as those that retail hardgoods and general merchandise. The report also examines how retail winners are addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the Retail Innovation Imperative.

In this report you will discover:

  • FMCG, GM and Hardgoods retailers are the most risk averse when it comes to investing in innovation, yet this is now counter-productive with consumers adopting innovative technologies and becoming more omnichannel shoppers
  • The majority of retail winners say the most important innovation is investing in process automation of operational processes
  • RSR Research's Bootstrap recommendations which defines the winning differentiators of successful retailers

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