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Let's make Brick & Mortar Retail as digital as E-commerce

Presented 20 April, 2023

Building flexibility and agility into the connected store with Assortment Optimisation 

The rapid advancement of technology over recent years has changed the face of retail as we know it. One technology in particular that has accelerated the pace of change is Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is helping retailers to move faster, make smarter decisions and win with shoppers in a fast-changing world. Join this live webinar and interactive demo to learn how AI-powered solutions can help you transform your business in category planning, store intelligence, supply chain and shopper insights.  

During the session, we will showcase our vision for: 

  • The future of category planning for Grocery retail 
  • Digitising your brick-and-mortar store 
  • Live Assortment Optimisation demo: How to execute more frequent, customised and demand-based assortments 

Watch the Recording