Fact Vs Fiction: What's really going on with Grocery E-commerce

Erratic shopper behavior, new loyalty pressures and shifting online and in-store preferences have clouded retailers’ vision. It’s a challenging environment in which to grow sales, but a huge advantage exists for those able to extract deep and actionable insights from shopper data.

That’s what Symphony RetailAI did recently by analyzing nearly 600 million shopper transactions. By leveraging AI, researchers uncovered surprising trends and key indicators of future behavior retailers can leverage to grow sales.

Join the team behind this unique research project as they reveal:

  • Why omnichannel shoppers are more valuable than previously thought.
  • Surprising behaviors having the biggest impact on loyalty.
  • Unexpected categories leading and lagging in-store and online.
  • How grocers can unlock insights in their data to win with the omnichannel customer.

Set your organization up for data-driven success by separating fact from fiction to understand what’s really going on with grocery E-commerce. 

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