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Ways Grocers can Win with Generative AI

Webinar Presented on 9 January, 2024

There’s good news for the grocery industry in 2024!  Retailers can solve their toughest business challenges, improve productivity and grow sales in ways never before possible thanks to predictive and generative AI and productivity-boosting copilots.

Join retail-tech visionaries from SymphonyAI, including Senior Vice Presidents Rachael Hadaway and Troy Prothero, and learn what happens when grocers’ biggest pain points meet the most innovative technological breakthrough in decades.  Benefit from their unique perspective on the AI-powered retail revolution and the top ways grocers can win.  Topics covered include:

  • How market leaders are making more accurate decisions in areas such as category management and supply chain.
  • Supercharging productivity with copilots that analyze more sources of data faster than ever.
  • Unlocking the potential of generative AI with the industry’s first retail-specific LLM (large language model).
  • Accelerating the discovery of shopper insights to increase loyalty, sales and transaction size.

Every aspect of grocery and the growth of your business is being affected by AI. Arm yourself with the knowledge to win in 2024. Watch the on-demand recording of this compelling January 9th webinar.

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