Gartner report:

Retail Demand Planner 2025: From Creator to Curator


We are pleased to share The Gartner Retail Demand Planner 2025: From Creator to Curator. We feel this report, published November 2, 2020, provides retail supply chain leaders with valuable insights into the shift that the demand planner role will take, as the current state of AI/ML progress in the Supply Chain landscape.

"For many retailers, 2020 will be disdainfully remembered as a time of survival amid a global pandemic, unforeseen economic downturns and unprecedented supply chain pressures and disruptions. However, forward-thinking retailers will also see 2020 as the launching point of their journey to redefine and recreate their demand-planning processes." - Gartner

Among the key points made in the report, you will learn:

  • Why stage 3 demand-planning maturity is required to support the new planning capabilities
  • Why significant master data management, especially around transaction-level data, is needed to support advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities
  • How demand-planning complexity is forcing automation adoption, which shifts the role and skill sets of planners

Gartner, Retail Demand Planner 2025: From Creator to Curator, Mike Griswold, 2 November 2020

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