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3 factors to win the battle with fresh

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An increasing focus on health and well-being means that food is no longer just food and fresh is playing a key role in driving consumer traffic and loyalty. If retailers are not already treating it as a competitive weapon, they should be. By its nature, fresh is complex, but managing it as part of an end-to-end supply chain management solution removes the complexity and provides a synchronized approach with the entire supply chain.

The global market for organic food and beverage is estimated to reach $320.5 billion by 2025, tripling its market value from 2016. This means fresh needs attention – it needs managing, intelligence and automation – and it needs it now.

In this buyer's guide, you will find answers to:

  • Why today's demand forecasting needs AI in order to be able to effectively process massive amounts of data and then turn it into accurate forecasts.
  • When managing prepared food production, it is essential to connect facilities, components and production timing across the entire business.
  • How, in an efficient food chain, it’s essential to have visibility to key KPIs and a system that provide alerts as well as corrective recommendations so that users can react quickly.

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