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The power of Customer-Centric assortment decisions

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Retailers are coping with fast changing shopper preferences, evolving store formats, new selling space pressures and the effects of e-commerce on store traffic and transaction sizes.  The challenges, while daunting, can be overcome by leveraging AI-powered solutions to analyze shopper data and develop category plans that optimize and localize assortments to help retailers increase the productivity of selling space.

To understand what is possible, SymphonyAI Retail CPG conducted a global research study examining the purchase behaviors of 60 million households. Key objectives of the study included:

  • Quantifying the sales and loyalty impact of customer-centric-assortment decisions.
  • Identifying key categories that saw the biggest sales benefit of closely aligning assortments with shoppers’ needs.
  • Understanding the correlation between customer-centric assortments and store format size.

The study provides valuable insights into what is possible with customer-centric assortments. Download today!

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