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A letter from Chris Koziol,
Symphony RetailAI CEO

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Grocery Providers – You Are The Unsung Heroes – And We Thank You!

First and foremost, to our military, first responders, and other medical professionals, we want to thank you for everything you are doing to keep us safe, help us stay healthy, and find a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic.


But there is another group of people – as great in number and possibly even greater in anonymity – who are out battling on the front lines every day – the grocers, pharmacists, and other “essential service” providers who continue supporting our basic needs and operating while others are forced to pause.


To you - the unsung heroes - I’d like to offer the most heartfelt THANK YOU on behalf of my team of more than 900 associates worldwide, who partner with many of you on a daily basis.  All of us as global citizens depend on you to get through this crisis.  You deserve our gratitude and appreciation beyond what words can truly express.


This is an unprecedented time for our global community.  Schools have been suspended; venues have been closed; bars and restaurants have halted dining room service.  But the grocers quietly and diligently carry on. 


The media and social networks are often quick to pick up on the negative and sensational outliers – be it fighting, hoarding, or anything else.  Rarely do you see coverage of the consistent, essential, and downright pervasive positivity and humanity taking place right in front of us by “everyday people.” 


It’s easy to notice the daily – sometimes hourly – briefings coming from doctors and politicians.  But for every briefing from a government podium, there are thousands of stand-ups and rallying cries in grocery storerooms and cashier lanes – not to mention a friendly smile to remind you that this is just a bump in the road – and we will get through this crisis together.


We all see – and appreciate – your work from the front lines of this crisis.

So once again, we say thank you…

  • To the consumer product manufacturers, truck drivers and warehouse associates who show up day after day to keep the supply chain moving.
  • To the store associates who keep the shelves clean and stocked and the checkouts civil and efficient.
  • To the store managers and home delivery drivers working to creatively meet the needs of all customers no matter their personal circumstances.
  • And to all the category managers, marketers, brokers and other support functions that keep the business running behind the scenes.

It is clear COVID-19 will continue to test and stress retail operations in the near term.  In many ways, we are better prepared today than at any other point in history to address and persevere through this crisis – from more robust supply chains to more agile store operations, all fueled by better data and insights.


At the end of the day, it comes down to people helping people – and you are some of the best in the world.  You will help us overcome this challenge, and at Symphony RetailAI, we are prepared to help and honored to partner with you.


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Chris Koziol
Chief Executive Officer
Symphony RetailAI

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