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Generative AI & the Disruption of Category Management

On-Demand Webinar | Presented 9 February, 2024

Category management is being disrupted by generative AI.  Hear from two industry experts on how the productivity-boosting technology is changing the way category managers work, collaborate and prioritize their time. 

Join Emily Callahan, president of the Category Management Association, and Charisse Jacques, GM/COO of Customer and Category Management Solutions at SymphonyAI, as they share their unique perspectives on:

  • The evolution of category management and generative AI’s impact on productivity.
  • Top use cases primed for generative AI disruption.
  • How gen AI copilots impact business processes, the speed and accuracy of decisions, the job satisfaction of practitioners and financial results. 

These topics and others will be explored during this an insightful conversation with two industry innovators.  Watch On-Demand:

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