Bootcamp Day for Industrial

Experience Transformation with Industrial AI


The SymphonyAI Bootcamp Day for Industrial is uniquely designed to explore your specific use cases in-depth, leveraging your own data and asset hierarchy. This specialized event is dedicated to offering an immersive learning experience that not only covers our suite of industrial AI applications and industrial DataOps platform, IRIS Foundry but also emphasizes practical, hands-on training with your data.

You will have the opportunity to import sample data directly into our platform, interact live with our generative AI Copilot to gain insights, and develop transformation pipelines tailored to your unique operational needs. Following the bootcamp, you will receive access to IRIS Foundry for one week, enabling you to continue applying your newly acquired skills in a real-world setting.

Empowering Manufacturers with AI

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The Path Towards Data-driven and Intelligent Operations

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